Hand Shakers Episode 11



So some of the missing pieces were explained, through a heavily narrated way too long flashback sequence. You know when ACCA decided to give us the backstory, they gave it to us from the perspective of an interesting character and we gained more of an understanding of the world and the characters we were already interested in. When Hand Shakers does it, we get a talk fest with characters we barely care about, and other than filling in one or two of the more ridiculous plot holes, it adds nothing. I don’t have any more understanding about Koyori now than I did before seeing her childhood (other than that she was born in the Ziggurat which at least explains why she’ll die if she loses). But that could have been conveyed in about five minutes rather than the entire episode.

And then we get the wonderful speech about how we’re not afraid and we can win because we’re together. Isn’t every pair of hand shakers together? Doesn’t that mean none of them should ever lose if that’s all it takes to win?

Anyway, getting closer to the end of this.

Hand Shakers is available on Crunchyroll.

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