Hand Shakers Episode 10



Nothing, nothing, nothing, random glasses guy from previous episode appears, “Before I end this, I’ll tell you everything.” Episode end.

That is what happened this episode. Unless you enjoy watching Tazuna and Koyori team cook or enjoy creepy brother and sister team showing up for some stilted and pointless interaction, there’s really nothing else to this episode. Watch the last 5 minutes and you’re all set for next week.

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Karandi James.


9 thoughts on “Hand Shakers Episode 10

    1. This was just such a pointless waste of air time (or download, or whatever). I do not know what they think they are doing at this point but this episode didn’t even manage entertainingly bad.

    1. This was actually depressing to watch. I mean, the show has always been bad but normally there has been some amusement to be found. This week, really, why did they even bother. I think a recap episode would have been better, though I doubt they have anything of significance to recap.

  1. It’s weird how even with those huge dumps of exposition at the very start the story has’t progressed anywhere from the first few episodes. Unless a doll learning to talk is a milestone in storytelling.

    1. This show has genuinely achieved nothing in 10 episodes. You have this kind of fantastical premise but we’ve genuinely learned nothing of certainty about it. We don’t even know all that much about the characters and what we do know is incredibly superficial. Honestly, this show has been a waste of time on so many levels.

      1. Yes, it’s only watchable for the lolz. On the other hand, you could say that about some characters we knew everything that is there to know from the very start – no development (if such thing is even possible) would move Tazuna from being protag-kun or Koyori from being a doll.

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