Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens Episode 8: I Think We Need A Spin-Off Series Called Saito’s Revenge



I took three things away from this episode.

Number 1: The main cast have plot armour surrounding them so it doesn’t matter how many people they are up against, how much on the back foot they are, or how hard they are hit, they are going to get up and win the day so don’t worry about it.

Number 2: Enokida is definitely a pain in the neck but probably better to have him on your side than against you. Though, in Saito’s case it is hard to tell sometimes whether Enokida is actually with him or trying to kill him given this is the second time he’s given Saito assassins to deal with.

And Number 3: This show is a lot of fun no matter how predictable the plot twist for the current story turned out to be. And being fun despite being predictable is a fantastic feat and one that more shows should aim for. You don’t have to reinvent your genre to draw in an audience.


The one complaint I do have is that the villains so far in this show really haven’t been worth the effort. Partially that is because of the aforementioned plot armour surrounding the main cast, but even the hacker and crew didn’t really manage to get beyond ‘bad guys’. They really don’t have any discernible traits or interesting characteristics and the audience has no reason to really concern themselves with them.


Which kind of makes their defeat a little bit bland. It is a minor complaint though, because this episode zips along and it is really fun, aided as usual by the jazzy sound track and really fun main characters.

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13 thoughts on “Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens Episode 8: I Think We Need A Spin-Off Series Called Saito’s Revenge

    1. I’m hoping for no cliff-hanger. Though I still don’t even know how many episodes this show is going to have and whether it is just one cour. Have you heard anything?

      1. Hmmm when Crunchy acquired it they never said how many. I could see a longer season if they expand the plot to an overarching bad guy. Yeah, I wouldn’t want a cliff hanger either then there is the danger of not getting a second season.

        1. That said, they’ve been wrapping up each arc as we’ve gone so as long as they bring whatever arc they are telling at the time to a close in the final episode (whenever it is), I’ll be okay with that.
          Still, I’d love for more of this show because these characters have so much growth potential. Plus Lin and Banba are fantastic to watch.

          1. Their dynamic is so great! I agree there is so much potential there and when you get those characters you care about and are unique they will have a chance to pull off some amazing things.

    1. I don’t mind it because it isn’t too intrusive to the story. Plus, Saito doesn’t really offer much else to the team at this point. It would be nice if he ends up saving the day at the end of the series though.

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