Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens Episode 6: Mistaken Identity Can Be Fun



I think this is the episode I officially fell in love with this series. I’ve really been enjoying it so far but there’s always been a hesitation in committing to it because there were so many chances for the show to derail. Yet 6 episodes of consistent entertainment and I’m now head over heels for this anime and I’m just going to try and squash that voice in the back of my mind that keeps asking where does it think it is going now.


So what made this episode so great? Lin takes on a job for Banba and pretends to be the Niwaka Samurai which of course leads to him facing off with the ninja. That said, Lin wasn’t doing too terribly against him (not great but he didn’t get instantly wiped out so go him), however outside interference meant that Lin ended up kidnapped and knocked out. Which is where our story shows once again that every plot point exists for a reason and the kidnappers, realising they have a fake, hire the torturer for hire who set up his website in the last episode. Of course, they couldn’t have known that the torturer knew Lin and would swap him out. But what really makes this whole sequence special is how Banba and Lin both reflect on the other as they realise what is going on.


I’d be lying if I didn’t say that my heart skipped a beat after that. I genuinely love these two characters and how well they play off one another. And just in case all of this wasn’t enough to make this a truly praise worthy episode, we do in fact get a fight between the real Samurai and Ninja.


Plus a baseball game showdown at the end. This show is pure entertainment and when you couple a great story with great characters and a great soundtrack, there is very little not to like.

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13 thoughts on “Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens Episode 6: Mistaken Identity Can Be Fun

    1. I think it is that moment all of us wait for. We don’t watch anime to complain. We want to fall in love and be blown away. Love it when a series does this.

  1. I don’t think it would even be possible for me to agree with you any more ! It’s such a terrific series. I can’t thank you enough for pointing this one out to me as it’s so awesome. I love the character interactions by Lin and Banba….and in this episode they just became even more awesome then they already were. This show is going to end up very high on my list of all time favorite anime series. That’s for sure.

    1. Lin and Banba definitely became more awesome this week. I’m having so much fun with this show and I’m really glad I didn’t decide my watch list was too full and actually checked out the first episode. Given I didn’t have a clue what it was about from the title I wasn’t expecting much.

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