Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens Episode 5: Why Not a Ninja?



This show continues to impress with how it manages to weave its story together. Despite episode 4 bringing the first arc to what felt like a decisive close, this episode managed to feel like we were just picking up where we left off while integrating the new problem our characters will face. I do feel a bit sorry for Saito as the main connecting thread was his departure from his job at Murder Inc and the killer they sent after him. He really needs to catch a break in the next couple of episodes.


The newly introduced hitman, who for reasons that only vaguely make sense is going to be known as a ninja, is a nice addition to the large cast and I wonder if he will remain an antagonist or whether he’ll end up joining the rest of the baseball obsessed crew that we have met. Certainly Lin would be happy enough to hit the bench.


Outside of the well told story though, this show continues to work with these characters and the interactions between Banba and Lin remain the highlight. While the other characters are interesting enough, and I have to wonder how long until someone decides they are sick of the informant selling them out and decides to take him out, Banba and Lin are still a show stealing duo and a real pleasure to watch.


I’m looking forward to next week as the preview was intriguing and with Banba on his ‘break’ from work, it will be nice to see if Lin can hold his own or if he’s about to get in well over his head.

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12 thoughts on “Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens Episode 5: Why Not a Ninja?

  1. I loved the way how this episode started off a bit slower but everything in it just worked. Even the stumbling in the train part by Lin has a purpose. Which was awesome. Love how this series just continues being awesome 😊😊

    1. I rewatched the first episode yesterday because a friend was curious, and I realised the new character (ninja guy) was actually in the first episode when we first met Saito. There were a few other things I picked up back in episode 1 that I missed the first time because I had no idea they were important. This is going to be a series that I’ll probably rewatch from start to finish once it is done airing because there’s definitely plenty going on that I’m overlooking at the moment.

      1. Hmmm…okay. I really didn’t pick up on that either. I do remember that the first episode introduces a lot tof things in a relatively short time, so it’s not strange to miss out on stuff there. Guess it’s something I’m going to have to do as well 😊

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