Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens Episode 4: And With That The First Story Draws To A Close – And Then They Play Baseball



When you go into something not really knowing what to expect, you tend to get surprised by simple things. So I was pretty surprised that they didn’t stretch this saga with the mayor and his son any further but rather brought all the threads together and wrapped up this story-line in a neat little package that conveniently brought all of the characters we’d met together (and interestingly enough on a baseball team).


Banba certainly gets to show off his moves this episode, leaving Lin with his jaw open a number of times throughout the episode. That wasn’t really surprising given it was clear that he was more than he was pretending to be, but it was cool to watch (though if you aren’t in to blood splatter this might not work out for you).


And while it might seem overly simplistic that these characters that have been portrayed as likeable (they aren’t exactly the good guys given they are hitmen and the like) mostly end up getting exactly what they want, there was something very satisfying about watching everything come together and fall into place.


No of course I am curious about what they are going to do for the rest of the season, though they have already introduced a new killer at the end of this episode so clearly a new story is starting. Whether they manage to make the next story as satisfying remains to be seen but so far this show has been a bundle of fun.

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15 thoughts on “Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens Episode 4: And With That The First Story Draws To A Close – And Then They Play Baseball

  1. This episode gave me the reasons I needed to be invested in these characters, to want to see them survive, and I’m so happy about that. Especially Banba, the sly fox. The fact it ended on the realisation that Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens is a baseball team rounded that off brilliantly. I’m so here for this show now.

    1. The baseball references now all make a lot more sense, and I like that the title turns out to be something that simple and yet it works really well. Looking forward to more from this show.

  2. I was totally caught off guard with this arc ending like this. I was expecting it to be longer too and maybe a little bit more muddled. However, I really liked how it all came together so neatly in the end. I do wonder where the show will go from here but it’s been so fun to watch that I can only expect more fun from the next arc whatever that is! 😊

  3. I have to admit that was a surprise for me as well. I didn’t expect this to be a series that would have multiple arcs. So..yeah what next? It’s anyone’s guess. But I’m looking forward to it. This has definitely been an enormously fun show.

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