Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens Episode 3: Game On



Well, this anime just became my favourite of this season (still sitting underneath March Comes in Like a Lion which carried over from last season). The first two episodes interested me and started getting me drawn into these characters and their world but episode 3 consolidated everything I wanted from this show. Between the great sound track, betrayals, murder, and all of the general chaos, this is a great start to a season.


Saito decides to do something about his situation and seeks out the avengers to frame the guy who framed him (sounds like it could be fun). This plot doesn’t get a huge amount of development but the seeds are there and it is definitely going to mess up other plans later on. More importantly, at least Lin and everyone else is smart enough to realise Saito has clearly been framed and not one person actually believes he killed the girl.


As for Lin, he gets a very cool opening sequence when he goes to confront his former boss. The boss kind of bothers me because he has had countless chances to actually kill Lin and each time he ends up gloating and not actually doing it. In the office he gloats about how he’s been pocketing the money that Lin thought he was sending to his mother (who has apparently been dead for five years). That’s kind of petty and gloating about it just makes this guy look even more pathetic. Though I guess then we don’t just wonder about why Lin isn’t dead at the end of the episode given this guy already has a clearly established M.O of talking too much.


Meanwhile, Lin isn’t the only one being targeted now as Banba’s also stuck his nose in too far. Lin and Banba teaming up was inevitable so I’m glad they didn’t drag it out and have Lin act stubborn for half a season before they got to this point. Still, it won’t matter if they don’t find a way to avoid the hitman who is clearly going to be coming for them sooner rather than later.

Basically, this was a lot of fun (you know if you don’t mind murder in your stories) and there’s plenty of characters to like and despise in various measures and plenty of plots bubbling away. I’m looking forward to seeing where this should go next but I’m very glad I picked this show up this season.

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15 thoughts on “Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens Episode 3: Game On

  1. Yeahh love this show as well! It reminds me in a way of Bungo Stray Dogs, but without super powers. Hopefully it isn’t going to disappoint us the rest of the season.

  2. Easily one of the best shows of the season (can’t judge the Netflix shows as they aren’t available here yet). I really enjoy the character interactions, the interweaving plot threads, and just the overall feel of the series. Episode 3 was really well done and can’t wait until next week!

  3. I had already expected episode 3 to get things going for real and it obviously did not disappoint for a moment. Like you I love this series as well, snd it has so far become my favorite too (right along with Violet Evergarden). I also really like Lin’s character…and the relationship hevig having with Banba is pretty much also what makes this show work so well. Also…that cliffhanger at the end…ughhhh 😱😱😱

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