Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens Episode 11: Betrayal By Any Other Name


Banba, Lin, and all the other hitmen, torturers, assassins, hackers and other unsavoury characters continue to enthral as this anime enters its final stage. There is blood being spilled aplenty in this episode as well as some sweeter moments and some funny moments. Somehow the balance is just right and we continue driving smoothly toward a conclusion that I really hope manages to bring this series to a truly satisfying end.


However, this week is all about betrayal. Past betrayals returning to bite characters, current betrayals, fake betrayals, justifying betrayal, and it all feeds into the motives of these characters as they are manoeuvred into position for what will hopefully be a spectacular confrontation in the final episode. My only real request though is that Lin gets a happy ending.


There’s not much else to say about this episode. If you’ve been watching the series up until now, the story continues very well. If you haven’t been watching the series and a bit of blood and violence aren’t enough to put you off (early instance of sexual assault), then give this series a go, it is totally worth it.

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