Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens Episode 1: Hitmen, Detectives, and Corruption

Hakata Tonktsu Ramens Episode 1 Lin


Okay, I went in pretty blind but essentially the set up here is that there’s a whole bunch of hitmen and organisations operating within the town and then there’s apparently someone who specialises is killing hitmen. Don’t ask me what the title means. The individual words make sense but what it has to do with the show other than the location, I don’t know.


And here is another entry into the ensemble cast dark and violent modern urban crime story. While there aren’t massive numbers of these there are a few now and for me they are a bit hit and miss. I’m not a huge fan of such a large cast because it usually makes it harder to get an idea of who is who (and after watching the first episode of this I can remember maybe two names and I’m not even sure if we got names for some characters). Yet, I have to say this was a pretty interesting first episode.


We move through four main focuses with the guy dressed as a girl who clearly has some tragic backstory involving a younger sister taking up a large chunk of the start and finish of the episode. We also have someone who I think is a private investigator, though time will tell, who is looking into the mayor (guy running to be mayor’s) after a detective was murdered. We have the staff working for the mayor cleaning up after his son’s idiocy. And lastly we have some newbie hitman who quickly gets himself in over his head.


So despite the large number of cast members, this episode didn’t feel too disjointed as there are clear links between the stories so far and characters seem to be crossing paths fairly quickly so hopefully we’ll get to know the key players in the next few episodes.

Outside of that, the pace is quick but not rapid fire, there’s some violence and few scenes clearly intended just for shock factor but after the opening scene there wasn’t as much as I expected there to be. Character designs are quite nice and are distinct enough to recall which character is which and the backgrounds are all quite nicely done. All and all, for a show I hadn’t heard of and had no expectations for, this was quite a nicely done introduction and I’m looking forward to more.

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22 thoughts on “Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens Episode 1: Hitmen, Detectives, and Corruption

  1. I saw the first episode and really enjoyed it as well! I felt the execution of it could have been better, but I am excited for it! It was one of the serials that I scoped out before the season began and I’m happy that it had a decent first episode. šŸ™‚

    1. Yes, the story and the characters are interesting, and the scenery was well done, but there’s no real polish to the direction or pacing or anything else. It works but it isn’t drawing you in so it is a good thing that the story seems interesting.

  2. I just watched this last night and I think I finally found an anime to look forward to each week. Rather than the “I’ll stick it out just so I can write a review” anime that I’ve been seeing.

  3. I completely agree with you. After hearing your recommendation for it, and having now seen it, I was very pleasantly surprised. Hopefully it will maintain this level of quality. Also like the characters so far (even though the cast is quite huge).

    1. Next episode I’m hoping to get some of the character names sorted because I really didn’t catch any names properly in this episode.
      Glad you enjoyed it. I thought it would be something that you might like.

    1. In terms of story, this one definitely intrigues me because there are still so many directions it could go. Still, it may fizzle once we get through the set up so while I’m kind of excited about this one I’m also trying to keep a reign on my expectations.

    1. It kind of worked for me and it is a bit different from most of the other shows that have come out this season. It isn’t a totally new approach as we’ve definitely seen this large cast, multiple view point thing before, but at least it is giving a bit more variety to the season.

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