Haikyuu Episodes 6 + 7

Haikyuu Kurusu Team

Review Episode 6:

Seriously, how is this team not the antagonist of the series? Just look at that picture of them attempting to intimidate the other players. Though Hinata’s insecurity does lead to some interesting daydreams.


The issue being that about half the time I’d love to see that actually happen to him. Which is probably why Tsukishima is definitely starting to grow on throughout this episode.


Mostly this was a fun but necessary episode if they were ever going to start being teamlike but I’m still not invested to the point where I actually care if they win or lose (though all things considered if they win that might snap any last thread of credibility that was hanging in there).

Review Episode 7:

And there we have it; credibility shattered. Even if the other team was without their main setter for most of the game, they were all experienced players who were clearly used to working together in a school that’s apparently strong at the sport. How does a patched together team that’s missing points as often as getting them manage to even come close let alone actually win? Fictional sports logic.


And after winning the adviser has some weird epiphany which goes on way too long to say very little and other than introducing a new character for next time nothing else really happens.


But at lest we keep setting new goals. First it was get into the gym, then the practice game, and now some other tournament with the dangling possibility of nationals.

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9 thoughts on “Haikyuu Episodes 6 + 7

  1. Karasuno is also a team with experience, they’ve been trying to get to the finals, and gotten to semi-finals before too. I’m glad you’re still keeping in there, if you like Tsukki, there’s great moments to come with him in them! 🔥🔥🔥

  2. Karasuno has disadvantages compared to Aoba Johsai in this practice match.They are not used to each other as a team, they have an almost complete rookie (Hinata) and they don’t have a coach but they will develop as a team and as individuals. Karasuno at the moment (after three seasons of anime + training camp in the manga) is strong and I hope that they will win nationals not because they are the main team but because they are the strongest, the best.

    1. At this point Tsukishima but to be honest none of the characters really grab me. They all have their odd moments but while I don’t really dislike any of them I kind of get the feeling that after I’m done watching this I probably won’t think about most of these characters again.

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