Haikyuu Episodes 34 + 35


Review Episode 34:

Kageyama and Hinata still aren’t getting their attack working properly and early in the episode this is a source of tension before once again they both reflect, train harder, and get enthused. I do have to say that this pattern is becoming just a little predictable (not that we’ve seen them succeed yet but I’m guessing that’s coming).


All the players are a bit worn out but the inspiration of a barbecue is enough to get them all ready for the final game of the training camp.


While this episode works and is kind of needed as part of the ongoing progression, it was kind of just there. Nothing really stood out or was overly interesting about it. Onwards to the next one.

Review Episode 35:

There’s quite a lot of celebrations going on this episode, at least early on, as both teams show what they are capable of.

However, things go downhill for the opponent with their ace having a little bit of an emotional crisis as we near the end of the game.


This actually was a fairly satisfying episode to watch given all of the training is starting to come together. They aren’t perfect and there are still small missteps, but you can see that everything is starting to come together (pre-Hand Shakers I might have said things were starting to mesh). However, I think I’m starting to get fatigued with this show. I’m not much for sport in the first place and its all starting to feel samey even though it is nice seeing the players hard work rewarded. I’m not thinking of dropping this but I’m definitely starting to enjoy it that little bit less.

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