Haikyuu Episodes 28 + 29


Review Episode 28:

Hey look, we didn’t belabor the whole new manager has issues thing and just kind of dealt with it head on in the next episode. That was kind of a novel experience when watching anime. That said, it also didn’t feel like they just brushed it under the rug. It actually felt like it was given the attention it needed and now we’re moving forward.


And I have to admit, the poster she made is pretty impressive. Then again, Hinata’s jump has always been visually impressive. The only lingering issue is that they handed the exams back but didn’t tell us the results. Okay, on to the next episode to find out.

Review Episode 29:

That was kind of cheating. Hinata and Kageyama both failed an exam but still got to go (admittedly late). It kind of takes some of the tension about passing in order to go away. Though I guess the mode of transport was problematic.


At the end of the day they are back playing and while they are playing well, as Hinata’s figured out they aren’t getting much better. I wonder what the next revelation will be to change their game play.

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