Haikyuu Episodes 24 + 25


Review Episode 24:

I guess episode 24 answers the question of how long can you stretch a game.


There were some very nice and dramatic slow motion scenes of players returning the ball but not a lot else happens this episode other than the final ball dropping and then seeing how these players deal with loss. It is the realistic outcome and it doesn’t feel cheap. It really feels like they learned a lot from the game and while they are quite broken immediately after it really looks like they’ll bounce back, particularly as there is another full season and then a shorter third season. Anyway, my only question left of this season is what happens in the final episode?

Review Episode 25:

I’m going to say that was a fairly unsatisfying episode and if I’d watched this when it originally aired I’d be annoyed. We see characters mope, pick themselves up, set a new target. Only it was the last episode of a season so if the second season didn’t already exist it would just be a hanging ending.


I’ve said it before, but Haikyuu is actually weaker when they aren’t playing volleyball. The characters are all interesting enough, it isn’t as though it is boring watching them, but without the intensity of the game it is just kind of so-so. Good enough and you have enough emotional attachment to see the episode through. But if they did a string of these episodes, you would start wondering whether this show really could hold its own without the competitive atmosphere in the games. Then again, it is a sports anime so it’s probably good the show is more interesting when they are playing sport.

I’ll be reviewing season 1 of this soon and I’ll also be continuing on to the second season.

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