Haikyuu Episodes 22 + 23


Review Episode 22:

I’m really thinking these people are taking Volleyball just a touch too seriously (though I guess that is how you get good at things and I probably take other things just as seriously – I just can’t see the point of hitting a ball over a net). Still, the amount of angst some of these characters have is kind of astounding for a high school sports competition. And of course we visit flash-back land to see just why the Blue Castle setter has it in for Kageyama and maybe that was supposed to make us slightly care about his character, but I just can’t see him as anything other than an obstacle creating an opportunity for Karasuno to learn and grow. At this point I can’t see them winning but stranger things have happened.


It is kind of wonderful to see the change in Kageyama as he retakes the court. Hinata is obviously able to work better with him and once Kageyama and Tsukushima start actually communicating (badly, but communicating) the whole team really is working well. They finally finished the second set and now we get to watch a third.

Review Episode 23:


See what I mean about them all taking this game too seriously? Still it was nice to see Yamaguchi take the court even if it was only for a serve. Still, it would really suck to be the other players standing on the sidelines when every first year has been on and they haven’t. Anyway, they are really drawing things out now but it doesn’t feel slow.


I’m not sure now whether they are going to win or lose. My bet is still on lose but what do I know?

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4 thoughts on “Haikyuu Episodes 22 + 23

  1. I think sports anime characters always take the sport too seriously. Middle schoolers in Kuroko no Basuke had existential crisis over it. Then again, I’m not a sports person either nor do I know anyone like that so it’s likely there are people like that out there.

    1. I do know a few people who take sport very seriously, but I don’t really get them. They’ll spend weeks rehashing a game they won or lost in conversation until everyone else has been driven completely crazy by it.

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