Haikyuu Episodes 16 + 17


Review Episode 16:

I really enjoyed this episode. The opponent was really well done given they were really just there and gone but I liked that they made me care that they lost.


Also, the focus on all of those who ended their games in losses was kind of nice. The pain of trying your best and not succeeding is something that gets skipped over a lot unless it is the main character who loses, so it was really nice to see that in the world Haikyuu is constructing the opponents are real people with dreams and feelings too. Otherwise not much to report on this episode except that I now really want to see the next match against Date Tech.

Review Episode 17:

I’m just going to have to admit I’m seriously into this now. The episode ended without a single screen shot and I had to go back because I was too busy sitting on the edge of my seat just waiting to see what would happen next.


I loved that the events in previous games are having a real impact on how they are playing now, though I’m not entirely convinced we need it spelled out for us. Still, the reaction of the other team and the audience this time to Hinata and Kageyama is pretty fantastic.


All and all, great fun, and I want to watch the next episode but I kind of committed to this two a week thing and I don’t like messing with a good routine.

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5 thoughts on “Haikyuu Episodes 16 + 17

    1. It definitely took awhile to really care about these characters but I’m kind of glad I stuck with it. And it was entertaining enough to get to this point. There hasn’t been any part along the way where I wished I stopped watching.

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