Haikyuu Episodes 14 + 15


Review Episode 14:

Okay, I know I’m not a big fan of them doing nothing but playing volleyball for a whole episode, but when we get an episode like this where other than a very brief training sequence we have no volleyball, suddenly I realise how much better this show is when they are playing a game. That isn’t to say there weren’t some amusing interactions between characters as they go about preparations for the upcoming tournament and it good to see they are planning new strategies and aren’t just hoping Hinata being a crazy person will somehow win their way through. Probably the best part of this episode was seeing Yamaguchi actually take some initiative. I don’t know that it is going to help at the moment, but he’s been such a non-entity in this show so far that I was starting to wonder why he was even introduced. It will be nice to see him take some action.

Review Episode 15:

I kind of figured this out. The reason this show works better when they are playing is because the characters come to life once they are all on the court. While they have some good moments off the court, there is always a bit more hesitation and just less personality. Once they start playing everything just clicks and its a reasonably enjoyable experience watching the game unfold even though I’m still not really interested in the sport they are playing. While we only saw the first three points of this game, already we can see how the team have changed during their time training and I really look forward to the next episode.


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One thought on “Haikyuu Episodes 14 + 15

  1. Yamaguchi will definitely get his own spotlight soon. 😉
    One thing that I liked about Furudate-sensei is that he’s able to show the developments for each of the members of the team. 😀

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