Haikyuu Episodes 12 + 13


Review Episode 12:

This is probably my favourite episode so far and that is odd given its pretty much all focussed on the game. I think it’s because the opponents team are acting like a mirror image of Karasuno and the contrast between the two even while there are such glaring similarities is kind of interesting.


I also like that brute force and talent aren’t winning this game for either team. Both are having to really think to out play the other team and while it still comes down to get the ball over the net, they made me care about the outcome of a volleyball game for at least the duration of the episode so something has gone right in the writing here.


All and all a fun episode to watch and the last part of the episode with Hinata actively growing as a player and not just trusting the ball will somehow magically land in his hand was certainly a great moment.

Review Episode 13:

I’m looking on the bright side that at least their loss here makes sense unlike their previous win. When you play a team that is actually a team and not a random collection of talented individuals, the actual team should win. I also liked that even though they got better as they played one more game (as indicated by the scores), they didn’t win at all.


And they were all still pretty upbeat and most of the found a friend. Still, Hinata speak is apparently catching.


Anyway, looking forward to seeing how they evolve as a team after this encounter.

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2 thoughts on “Haikyuu Episodes 12 + 13

  1. When the match was in play, I thought that maybe they have a chance to win with so many awesome players and all. However, when they lost it made me sad at first, but I had to admit that it was a good game.

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