Haikyuu Episodes 10 + 11


Review Episode 10:

Well, we concluded the game and the all high school team lost due to poor receives, which isn’t really a news flash at this point but I guess points where the next lot of training is going to go. But, Hinata and Kageyama got to show off their weird combo and impressed (shocked) the soon to be coach so I guess they’ll be in the upcoming game even though they are first years. Doesn’t really make sense otherwise.


Anyway, the characters are still taking part in on court therapy sessions and you could seriously string some of the most embarrassing dialogue in history together if you wanted to capture all the lines but it kind of works so we’ll just smile as they feel they’ve gained something and move on.

Review Episode 11:

Training and more training. Everyone hard at work trying to get selected for the game and not get left behind. It’s kind of nice to see the reasonably friendly banter between the characters though I am wondering if Hinata is actually the same age as the other first years. There’s being enthusiastic and then there’s Hinata.


I really enjoyed Hinata’s encounter with the random volleyball player who is obviously going to be on the competitors teams and we kind of knew that before they revealed it because why else have that entire conversation, but it was still kind of fun and the team they are about to play looks interesting.

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3 thoughts on “Haikyuu Episodes 10 + 11

    1. Not yet. To be honest, the characters in this aren’t really doing all that much for me. They are pleasant enough but I think when I’m done watching I would struggle to remember any of them (beyond Hinata who is just a bundle of energy). Hunter X Hunter on the otherhand has the characters leaving a much bigger impression so while a lot of them aren’t nice characters I’m certainly enjoying them more.

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