Haikyuu Episodes 4 + 5


Review Episode 4:

Well we finally get to the long awaited match and I must admit the relationship between Kageyama and Hinata is less annoying now though still a bit rocky at times. I think they kind of laboured on about why Kageyama was called the king and how is old team reacted i nthe game before he was benched for far too long. The audience kind of already put together what had happened and mostly this just kind of dragged out a match that was already dragging a little. Other than that, there were some genuinely amusing moments and watching Hinata finally hit something was pretty cool.


I’ve also come to the conclusion that Tsukishima is definitely the kind who would walk up to a sleeping dragon and poke it in the eye just because he could.

Review Episode 5:


And the match is over and they are finally officially part of the team, but everyone knew that was going to happen and they already had their jackets made and ready to go. But of course we cannot let things settle for even a moment so in comes the advisor with news of a practice match, only its against a school that ranked fourth last year and they want Kageyama as the full-time setter. Intrigue. Despite the sarcasm, this episode actually works quite well and I’m kind of feeling bad for Hinata by the end as he sits on the bus with nerves eating him up inside. Though, the award for most oblivious character ever is now shifting to Kageyama.


Seriously, this is romantic lead of a shoujo level obliviousness on display here.

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