Haikyuu Episodes 18 + 19


Review Episode 18:

Episode 18 is what I would normally hate from a sport anime and yet I found it incredibly charming. We spend the whole episode finishing the game but the comments from the stands, the individual character moments, and just the emotion in the game kept the whole thing driving forward and it didn’t feel like it was getting bogged down.


I also liked that while Hinata and Kageyama are doing their thing, the other characters are most definitely holding their weight because otherwise the two person attack would have come to an abrupt end. Asahi in particular got some nice moments this episode.


Still, Hinata speak is definitely here to stay. I very much appreciated Tsukishima’s comment that he should speak Japanese after this dialogue.

Review Episode 19:

There was a lot of set up before we got to this game and a lot of bravado and discussion about who would win. It’s all kind of a bit petty but at the same time necessary as a transition from the last game and into the next.


Still, once the game starts its pretty impressive and of course ended at the worst moment given I desperately wanted to just click play on the next episode. We did learn convincingly that Kageyama hates to lose and really isn’t above throwing an opponents words back in their face.


This was kind of interesting because while Kageyama has been playing well over the last few episodes, his dialogue has been pretty minimal so it was good to see him have a bit of personality again.

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