Haikyuu! First Impressions


Okay, so this anime has been recommended to me almost 50,000 times at this point so I figured given I have run out of shows from Autumn 2016 that I have access to and any desire to watch now was a good time to try the first episode of this.

First Impressions

The first 7 – 10 minutes of this I was wondering why I was putting myself through this. This is a sports anime in every sense fo the word and while I’ve come across a few sports anime recently I haven’t minded most of them have been very character focussed. Add to that my severe distaste for Volleyball as a sport (pretty much my only real experience with this game involves broken fingers – fortunately not mine – and casual games that are more aerial ping pong than volleyball) and I was more or less ready to call it on this.

And then…

I’m not sure if it is Hinata’s tenacity or the fact that they introduce Kageyama who kind of balances out Hinata’s over the top enthusiasm but the second half of this is kind of engaging.


All and all, for a first episode we’ve established two characters and it managed to make me curious about how their relationship will develop now that they are at the same school so while I’m not doing somersaults about this I’m actually looking forward to watching a few more episodes and hoping that the characters get fleshed out a bit more.

23 thoughts on “Haikyuu! First Impressions

  1. I admit that Haikyuu is rather low on my list of sports anime to watch. I probably will get to it at some point but volleyball isn’t all that appealing to me as a sport. I am looking forward to more of your opinion on this though. It’s certainly an anime that’s very popular and I’m interested to see how it fares with you.

  2. It’s no Eyeshield 21, but it is closest thing I have to that for now. This is not an insult to Haikyuu rather me wanting to read Eyeshield 21 for the first time again…. I am liking Haikyuu though!

  3. I love Haikyuu!! so much, so I’m glad you decided to check this out. When I started this, I had no expectations because I’m not fond of volleyball. Ended up re-watching the anime and re-reading the manga so much. I hope you’ll enjoy this as much as I do! If not, well, I’m sure there are more anime out there suited for your taste. 🙂

  4. This anime is so incredibly hyped. I look forward to seeing your full opinion on it… assuming you still have your mind by that point! : |

    1. Yep, there is definitely a lot of hype around it. Unlike Yuri on Ice, this one isn’t grabbing me in the first couple of eps. I don’t dislike it but it’s kind of ordinary. Maybe I’ll get hooked in a few more episodes but right now I’m more just curious.

  5. In high school after warm-ups we had to choose what to play during P.E. classes: volleyball or basketball. I chose the former and I hated it because I was very bad at it and literally afraid to touch the ball. Haikyu!!, however seriously makes me want to play volleyball now. 😀

  6. The show does get better. I have never played volleyball at all so I like how they actually explain what is happening. I’ll admit I’m hooked on it :p

  7. This anime has one of the best character writing sports anime has to offer but then again, this anime gets a bit too sports-centric than other anime of this genre. So… I guess a few more episodes will tell whether you get hooked or not.

    1. They really are very focussed on their sport. Which makes sense and all but it kind of makes it a bit harder for those of us not so interested in sport to get hooked.

  8. “I’m not sure if it is Hinata’s tenacity or the fact that they introduce Kageyama who kind of balances out Hinata’s over the top enthusiasm but the second half of this is kind of engaging.”

    I’m going to put my money on Kageyama

    1. Honestly, now that I’m at episode 3 I can definitely say I do not ever want to play volleyball again. It just looks painful and then I remember my few attempts at the game and realise that’s because it is painful, people are pelting balls at you.

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