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This post, 5 Video Games we Want to See as Anime, comes from Rachel of No Filler Anime: I may not always watch the most popular anime on the shelf, but I’m watching what intrigues me and I think that’s the beauty of anime – there’s something for everyone. I came to anime and manga late in the game.

While I had occasionally dabbled here and there, I really didn’t start watching with any conviction until I was older. Suddenly, I had the desire to begin consuming more anime. The good ones and the bad ones. New series and classic series. It didn’t matter what it was or it’s notoriety, if the synopsis seemed interesting, I was bound to watch. Please check out my blog:-

Even though the film industry considers video games merely as spin-offs, the two are not excluded from one another. Many films have failed as adaptations of video games, but where a movie would sink, an anime would probably thrive. The anime fandom and “geek culture” is no longer unpopular, for it burrowed itself into the pop culture and made its way into popularity, thus enabling such adaptations that would have failed before to success in this era. 

One of the best known video games that got adapted to many different forms, amongst them a successful anime, is Pokémon. Deriving from the main video game narrative, it got built into a whole franchise that still to this day is a huge success. 

Let’s see our picks of the video games that would make excellent anime!


Platform: PlayStation 4


The hero wakes up in a hospital in the city of Yharnam after a blood transfusion. It’s not clear why and how he got there, the player has to put the tiny mosaics together as more and more questions arise. While an ancient evil is roaming the countryside, a mysterious infection that is taking its toll on the streets making the nights dangerous, for the streets are filled with crazy badger figures, killing those who venture it. 

Who else, but heroes dare confront them, those that somehow managed to preserve their human nature. The protagonist would be one of those heroes, trying to save himself and the city from the infection. Being an immortal individual, the anime could focus on his struggle of dying over and over again, the possibility of failure setting in his mind. Granted, the main character is somewhat of a silent type, but that could very well work in the favour of the unimaginable struggle of repeatedly dying and possibly failing to save everything. 

As the narrative of the video game is quite vague, the anime could very well dive into discovering the plot throughout the episodes. 

Fight scenes are spectacularly done in the video game, and it should translate to the anime as well and give it a superb visual advantage to succeed. 



Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Nintendo ES, Nintendo 3DS, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Wii, GameCube


Another well known franchise, although, it doesn’t have an anime adaptation. Given that the long running video game was made into manga, it would come as no surprise if someone decided to adapt it to anime. However, despite the series’ generous thirty-year run – from the first release for the 1986 Nintendo NES to the ongoing Nintendo Switch episode, fans are still waiting for that day to come. 

The original video game follows a bounty hunter, Samus Aran, who combats Space Pirates in order to protect the galaxy. The problem for adaptation arises because the linear and non-linear game releases. Metroid is still in the makes of new releases, so it would be the perfect combination to cross promote the new video game and the anime. 

Metroid has not only fans wanting for an anime adaptation, but a well known creator, Adi Shankar has expressed his interest, and according to him, it would be the adaptation of his dreams. Many before him tried to adapt the game for screen, but colossal fails of adaptations in the past never left enough space for liftoff. 

Dark Souls

Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Dark Souls

Imagine a dark medieval fantasy world. Now imagine there are cycles that are linked to the first flame and they change everything – the living become dead, the dead become undead. Basically, it’s a cycle of light and dark. 

The first game focuses on the undead, the second on the bearer of the curse, who is also undead, the third game focuses on relinking the flame with all the beings that previously relinked to it in a combined effort to make the effect more potent. The world is continuously marching toward the same moment over and over again, the death of the first flame.

Sacrifices are needed to keep the first flame burning and delay the age of darkness, thus many characters would be short lived in an anime adaptation, but that might even be an amazing screen opportunity to mine.

The video game got a comic adaptation, so here’s to hoping someone picks it up and makes an anime!



Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows


Although an anime series was announced as hush-hush, we are yet to be blessed with one. The game already has an unbelievable similarity with anime, as the creators borrowed the aesthetic elements from Japanese culture. 

But, the problem lies in the fact that it’s almost impossible to adapt a multiplayer shooting game into an anime that would haul in money. Almost. 

The plot takes place 60 years into the future. The organization Overwatch was created 30 years ago to end a crisis that the Omni robots caused. Peace was restored thanks to Overwatch, but as the organization dissolved over time, tensions arose between the human and robot population of Earth. All agents of the Overwatch are called back in service, a battalion of characters are at the creator’s disposal. This is a superb plot for an amazing sci-fi-action anime.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

Platforms: iOS, Nintendo DS

5 Video Games We Want to See As Anime - Ghost Trick

This game is a very interesting story with rich animated depictions, combined with logic puzzles, mixed with humor. The main protagonist awakens as a ghost ready to solve his own murder mistery. He discovers he has supernatural abilities, for e.g., possessing inanimate objects that help the player solve puzzles in order to get to the bottom of the protagonist’s suspicious demise. All the while helping others stay alive – that is, the main character is able to rewind time to 4 minutes before someone dies, thus saving everyone he can.

The amazing rainbow of eccentric characters that appear in the game and the bizarre plot is reason enough for wanting to see an anime of the same title. 

What are the video games we want to see as anime?

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6 thoughts on “Guest Post: 5 Video Games We Want To See As Anime

  1. I do like the inclusion of ghost trick! That one would make a great anime. A perfect pick in characters and flavor!

    I dont think Dark Souls would work as an anime, it’s veey dreary palette I think would make it prone to looking boring in 2d , it lacks a real cast, so same goes for Bloodborne, the majority of it is a single character going out and whacking and dodging stuff you might need to change to much to make it work. Metroid kinda suffers the same problem but it has a rogues gallery to tag along and more individuality and colour. I do think DS could work as a Manga though.

    OverWatch is a good pick, it could be fun! However given the people in charge of the lisence I think it would be to chunky for its own good with a length to sell multiple blue-rays, episodes focussed on promoting new Tracer skins in the game , etc! Plus I think Blizzard should make it in house, their shorts are great so why not produce the whole show. So it would be a cartoon then? Still it could make a fun show indeed.

    Personally I would love to see Dragon’s Quest 8 or even 9 as anime. Or Chrono Trigger. The first two have very episodic based stories and the latter, has such a great cast!

    However my ideal anime would be Golden Sun 1&2 ( told together) Great Cast, a semi relevant message in current day, cute creatures and an interesting back and forth where right and wrong/good and evil are balanced very nicely. It’s story has dustuinguishable arcs as well so it can be paced with seasons, so no need to rush it either. The magic is visually quite unique which helps it stand out from other fantasy shows.

    1. I would love to see a story set in the world of Dark Souls rather than one that just tried to walk through the story. I think they could make it work with a pair of characters exploring or seeking something. Can’t deny that it would be a very bleak looking show but I tend to like those.

      1. A show with a part/group could be nice, but I am not sure if it would keep the feeling of Dark Souls intact, not sure but I kinda imagine it kinda would just become “Beserk’? I think it might be doable but then I’d see it more as a lore/mythos movie rather than a video game movie.. I might not be disappointed in the lore aspect but maybe that it is pretty far away from the games. So for movies BASED on Video games I am more likely to incline.

        For a video game I want to see AS anime I think there are better titles. But then again I do not like overly gloomy stuff (as series.. as movies I am fine with it but as series it wears me down) so that might be it.

  2. Oh man, since this post pinged my Given post I thought there was a Given game! That would be odd. Like a guitar hero Given edition or something. Guitar hero/ Dating sim mix. I think I just invented something awesome…

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