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Grimoire of Zero continues to be an oddity this season. I don’t particularly like it but it isn’t actually bad either so never comes close to being dropped. There was actually a small segment in this episode that made me really sit up and take notice. They were running from the assassins and magic was actually being used in combat and then they devised a plan to bring down magic in the whole kingdom which kind of does end the conflict even if the whole point of magic was to make things easier and you are essentially saying if you don’t use it my way you can’t have it.

But that was only one part of the episode.

The rest of the time we were either having to listen to inane banter between Zero and Thirteen which might serve some purpose if we actually cared about either character (so Zero fans might get something out of it) or we had to put up with the idiotic remains of the Witches of Zero coming up with an idiotic plan that is doomed to failure before it even begins.


Seriously people, try thinking things through for once.

The end result is that last week the Mercenary and his new sidekick wolf-boy rescued Albus/Sorena’s grandchild and this week after running around a lot, Albus is pretty much a prisoner again, Zero is still locked in her tower, and the only difference is instead of running away, the Mercenary is now running toward her.

Meanwhile, the Grimoire that they were meant to be looking for is still no closer as far as the audience knows given the Wolf said Sorena’s granddaughter had it but that clearly isn’t so.


Moving on to next week then.

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7 thoughts on “Grimoire of Zero Episode 9

  1. it’s almost comical how quickly the sorcerers of zero go from “we were so inspired by your speech” to “oh, you dont think that way anymore? kill her!”

    1. I love how they didn’t even try to have a discussion. Just went straight to you’re a traitor and let’s have a trial (I’m certain that trial will be really fair).

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