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I don’t know about you, but I found the mercenary’s newfound friendship with the wolf guy very hard to take seriously. I mean, from the opening it was kind of expected, but the wolf’s introduction was pretty dreadful and I can’t imagine why they think we’re going to start liking him now because you give him a shallow backstory¬† and some half-hearted motivation.


Anyway, Thirteen is clearly going to be our main antagonist and he’s being all creepy big bad evil. He’s imprisoned Zero, after threatening Albus he’s then attempted to burn him at the stake, he drove off the mercenary but now doesn’t really need to seem to know what he wants to do with the mercenary given hurting him hurts Zero. What we don’t have is any reason to care about Thirteen or any understanding of what he actually thinks all of this dribble is actually going to achieve. Is there a master plan here or are we going to find out his puppy got squished by a witch when he was a boy and then he grew up vowing to get revenge by becoming a witch (sorry, sorcerer) and then manipulating all the humans into burning witches?


Despite my issues with a lack of caring about what little character motivation there is and the basically contrived nature of the plot so far, this isn’t a bad show to watch. Just don’t think too hard about it or the pretty and shiny comes off.

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4 thoughts on “Grimoire of Zero Episode 8

  1. And let’s not forget how a bomb shell was just dropped during the episode: ALBUS IF A FREAKING GIRL. The dude I thought was a cute trap is actually a female. That surprised the hell out of me, even more than the unusual quickly just developed beast-friendship between Wolf and Tora.

    I wonder why Albus introduced herself as a male though, or am I remembering it wrong? I think everyone talked as if she was a male.

    1. I kind of expected that revelation from the previous couple of episodes, so I didn’t really find it much of a bomb shell.

      1. You were already expecting it? Woah, you truly are an analyzer, as you were also correct with (one of) your Sagrada Reset theory.

        This actually makes me feel dumb…. oh, well. Screw it. I totally didn’t expect that and was quite surprised. I hope they do explain why even Albus regards herself as a male though.

        1. A few people had been tossing the idea around for awhile about Albus and it made sense and the closer we got to the revelation the more hints they dropped so if someone had mentioned it to you and you were looking for it, there’s quite a few clues leading up to it. That said, it still wasn’t a certainty and they could have gone a whole other way with it.

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