Grimoire of Zero Episode 7



So after half a season of kind of wandering around (assuming this is only 12 episodes) things are finally moving along. Continuing from last week the mercenary leaves Zero and gets into some fights with other beastfallen, gets disappointed in humanity all over again, and then gets ambushed by some witches just for fun before learning what might turn out to be actual information about the location of the grimoire. That’s a lot in and of itself but the story also packs a bit more in.


In case we weren’t already clear on the fact that these witch hunts are essentially a political farce and corruption runs pretty much through every organisation in this world, we get a not to subtle conversation between random characters who I think may be a guard and a knight but I don’t think that matters in the slightest. It’s a little heavy handed but kind of fleshes the world out a little bit further.


We also have Thirteen clearly advancing his own agenda, not that we know what it is.

There’s definitely been a pick up in this story since they finally arrived in the town where the grimoire was supposed to be. This episode was quite enjoyable and it felt like there was lots going on.

Grimoire of Zero is available on AnimeLab.

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