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I wasn’t expecting much from this final episode and so I cannot say I’m disappointed. Still, as far as concepts go, Grimoire of Zero had so much more potential than it ever delivered and the final episode really hammers that point home.


The group, including Thirteen, spread out, draw their magic circles, and get back to the centre to erase magic from the kingdom, somehow covering all the distance required in less time than it took the witches to break through a gate. Oh yeah, the war started. in fact, the witches are attacking these guys as they wait for Albus to rejoin them at the centre. This attack seems about as effective as anything else the Sorcerers of Zero attempted during this series. Might as well ignore it.

Anyway, magic gets denied and for some reasons the witches aren’t all massacred by the guards now that they are defenceless, and somehow Albus becomes the state sorcerer and people are just cool with that now because magic and non-magic people can all work together. It’s a really half-hearted way to deal with a conflict but as I said, I wasn’t expecting much else.


Then we have contrived reason number 563 (not really) for why Zero can’t turn Mercenary back into a human, some random comedy hijinks, and then the two are off to see how magic is going in other kingdoms. I’m really hoping there isn’t a sequel showing us that story because I’m well and truly done. I will review the whole series of this and while I don’t think there’s anything too terrible here, I’ve mostly bounced between being indifferent and unimpressed.

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