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Granblue Episode 2

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Episodes like episode 2 of Granblue Fantasy season 2 are kind of hard to review for the simple reason that there isn’t much that really caught my interest while the episode was airing. There wasn’t actually anything bad about the episode, other than the usual issues with characters faces kind of losing detail at times and not animating the tour of the city but rather just giving us a montage of stills. It was more that they built up the whole idea of negotiating with the empire only for the actual process to be over with almost before it started and while no one really believes it to be a legitimate peace offering the story moves on to balls and Katalina’s past.

Actually, not much of a negotiation. More just sign a form and done.

The thing is, there’s a lot bubbling away underneath the surface of this episode, but within the episode itself very little of it is revealed. Instead we watch characters twirl in dresses, eat lots of food, have conversations where what needs to be said isn’t said, and then the episode ends with the vary obviously telegraphed departure of a character they are almost certain to follow anyway so it isn’t all that dramatic.


About the only real tension comes from watching Gran’s stiff performance at the ball itself as he awkwardly deals with the other guests before retreating to the comfort of the familiar and then slips out entirely. Lyria on the other hand knows what’s important – the buffet.

However, with secrets in the past, more primal beasts, and the mysterious black knight character all still hovering around I guess season 2 has plenty it can explore. It would be nice to see Gran get a bit closer to his goal or finding his dad at some point, though no one seems to be in a rush to pursue that and it seems like Katalina’s past is probably more likely to be explored first (which given she’s been around since episode 1 and hadn’t had a back story yet it does kind of feel like she’s due).

Faces from the past always come with baggage.

So not the most exciting episode but serviceable and as usual the characters were pleasant enough to spend time with.

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Images from: Granblue Fantasy The Animation Season 2. Dir. Y Umemoto. MAPPA. 2019.

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