Granblue Fantasy Episode 8



And we are on our way to find the island of the Astrals and to reunite Gran with his father and maybe we’ll even find out what the deal with Lyria is.

No. No we are not. Instead we are taking another fetch quest from the shopkeeper while she ‘gathers supplies’ and the crew are exploring some ruins in a forest.  There isn’t a single thing wrong with this as an episode but it contributes nothing to the overall plot and we learn nothing new about the characters. As a younger viewer I’d have happily sat through this episode and thought it was great fun but now I’m just left wondering what the point was. If they were attempting to introduce new characters it hasn’t succeeded as we really didn’t learn anything about the other two treasure hunters other than their choice of weapon and fighting style. So yeah, it works as an episode but I could have happily not watched this one this week.

Granblue Fantasy is available on Crunchyroll.

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5 thoughts on “Granblue Fantasy Episode 8

  1. Interestingly enough, I enjoyed this episode enough to think that this should have been the show’s approach in the first place — ditch the overly grandiose plot and just focus on placing characters in short-term adventures.

    Either that or I was enjoying the Indiana Jones references too much.

    1. My issue with the main plot is that other than throwing it out there every now and then to make us think there’s a point, they don’t do anything with it. So yeah, probably easier if they ditched it and just had fun with a crew that travels around and does random odd jobs.

  2. Heheh. Loving the irony here. The words you used a while ago seriously describe this show perfectly: “Slice of nothing”. For some reasons I can’t get those words out of my mind, every time I think of Granblue Fantasy I remember that.

    Oh, well. Although it is quite uneventful (or at least it doesn’t really move on with the important plot) it is still not too boring for me, thus it isn’t in danger of being dropped. Though… it reminds me a little of Naruto’s fillers….

    1. I’m not really thinking about dropping this. It just kind of fills twenty minutes each week and then I forget about it again.

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