Granblue Fantasy Episode 6



Things neither improve nor get worse in this latest episode of Granblue Fantasy. We meet a new character, named Io, who is obnoxiously cute but can use magic so is probably a good addition to the team. They agree to look for the missing archduke of the island they’ve just arrived on (because of course when you are hiding from the empire sticking your nose into political situations is the best way to hide). The logic of this show continues to hurt just a little bit.

Lyria – Gotta love her reasoning. Rock solid.

However, the episode was mostly fine and entertaining as long as you didn’t think too hard. The one point I really disliked was when Lyria asked the little shop keeper how she managed to get to the island before them (given she spoke to them on the last island and was still there when they left). We get one of those really annoying non-answers in response.


Right, that’s really deep but back to how did you get there?

Petty complaints aside, this remains kind of cute but kind of pointless at the same time.

Granblue Fantasy is available on Crunchyroll.

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4 thoughts on “Granblue Fantasy Episode 6

  1. Yahallo! Its been a while!

    The shopkeeper can be anywhere because of how she was made for game simplicity and convenience xd thats it. Theres nothing deep behind her otherworldly teleportation xd

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