Granblue Fantasy Episode 5



I’m thinking my biggest issue with this show, other than it’s ongoing defiance of logic at times, is that the main group are so wishy washy about their goals. Gran wants to get to the island of the Astrals; at least that was his goal way back when. We do get back to that goal but even with that in mind, they don’t know how to get there.

So we’ve gone from just travelling around, to finding one piece of some skymap that apparently you need if you are going to get to the island of the Astrals (maybe that should have been mentioned previously), to going to some other island because the Empire apparently has no influence there and Gran and Lyria had some sort of vision while touching the skymap, oh, and the shopkeeper wants them to talk to some mysterious client there. It’s all very scattered and while they are moving forward it is hard to know what is important and what is just fluff because they keep losing sight of their own goals.


That said, they calmed the Wind Goddess down and saved the island so even if the overarching plot is kind of fragmented the individual encounters are being dealt with nicely (though fairly predictably).

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