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According to MAL this has 14 episodes, so do we assume they aren’t getting to the island of the Astrals in this season because it seems like our current goal is to save Lyria. Really, that’s been my issue with this for awhile. They keep flitting from goal to goal without really having any sense of urgency or need to achieve anything much. Lyria’s current condition seems like an interesting enough episode goal but doesn’t feel like a worthy enough end of season issue and yet given the timing its either going to be resolved next episode without any fuss or it is going to be the final challenge for the season, and either way it won’t be overly satisfying.

Much like the fate of Lyria’s hairclip really.


That was a short lived symbol.

Anyway, I’m done taking the empire as any kind of serious threat given the poor showing they gave again this week. Early on I kind of felt we were supposed to feel these guys were actually a problem but they’ve increasingly shown themselves to be laughable at best. One has to wonder why they have any power at all given it seems ridiculously easy to make them run for their lives.

Granblue remains perfectly watchable but isn’t exactly compelling.

Granblue Fantasy is available on Crunchyroll.

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2 thoughts on “Granblue Fantasy Episode 10

  1. I’m wondering if they’ll make it there this season as well. At first I felt the pacing was good, but now I’m not so sure (in regards to getting to the Astral island). 🙁

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