Granblue Fantasy Episode 1



Gran and the not flying lizard Vyrn live on an island doing their thing when a kind of girl gets blown out of an airship and lands in the forest. Gran of course goes to help and now they have a whole bunch of soldiers chasing them.


Most of this first episode passed by as inoffensive nothingness. It’s all very generic so far and other than learning that Katalina is amazing not a lot else has been revealed about the characters.


That said, it wasn’t bad to watch. There wasn’t any real moment or wow factor to be found, even with a hydra making an appearance, but it also wasn’t overly dull as Gran and Lyria ran about. There’s enough suggestion of things to come that I am going to stick with this for another couple of episodes at least and hopefully it can build on this.

Granblue Fantasy is available on Crunchyroll.

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