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I had two alternative titles for this post. One was Well, That’s Over the other was An Impractical Swimsuit. I feel like these competently summarize my thoughts on this finale. It’s unfair that final episodes tend to have a disproportionate impact on our overall impressions of a series but for better or for worse, the last episode just counts more. Let me tell you what I thought of Granbelm’s

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I hate it when this happens

What I Thought Would Happen

Shingetsu would make the decision to become a mage girl, wishing to prevent all future mages from coming into existence. In doing this, Shingetsu would return to a world where Nene and Shisui (Kuon’s sister) are still alive while only Shingetsu remembers Mangetsu existed.

Shingetsu and potential future allies would continue to fight against powers other than magic that humanity creates in the future, but thanks to Mangetsu’s sacrifice, magical girls are purified and no longer forced to fight in the Granbelm.

What Did Happen

Well, kind of exactly that (if anyone picks up on the reference I’ll be impressed!) but with a lot more mechas. I figured we would have to wrap up the mecha battle but I honestly thought it would be a very quick scene. Instead it took up a good chunk of the episode and as usual I had a bit of trouble connecting to the scene.

This said, after finally defeating Suishou once and for all, Shingetsu finally get to talk to the Magicaunotus, in the form of Suishou again and make her wish. I think my attention may have drifted as at first I was under the impression that her wish would make her lose all her memories of the defeated mage candidates as well as Mangetsu but a few minutes later that didn’t seem to be the case anymore and I’m not entirely sure why.

The price for Shingetsu’s wish is that she would become inconsequential in the real world (invisible and unnoticed for all time) but the last scene leaves us with ambiguous hope as a new transfer student joins Shingetsu’s class and wishful thinking has us believe it just might be Mangetsu somehow.

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go home – you’re drunk

What About the Characters

I wouldn’t say this episode did much for the characters but it sort of simplified the them if you will. Mangetsu became an actual symbol of hope, her hazy see-through image popping in to offer words of encouragement before disappearing again.

On the other hand, Suishou was defined mostly by her plot role. In the end, we didn’t really learn what she was, the supposition that she is just a manifestation of magic itself as she seems to disappear without a trace. Why did she want to be mage? I don’t know. At some point she seemed to say the Magiconautus itself created her to be a referee in Granbelm and I’m guessing at some point she decided humans were unfit to have magic so she would take it instead but why and what she wanted to accomplish with it weren’t really discussed. This was pretty disappointing to me as I was attached to the character and was really hoping to learn more.

And the there was Shingetsu. We didn’t really see anyone other than those three. Shingetsu’s character hasn’t really changed much. When we met her she was always a fragile yet powerful young woman who had a bit of trouble connecting with others and wanted to rid the world of magic because of the harm she believe it caused. She was dedicated to this and willing to go to any length to attain her goal and well that’s pretty much the exact same Shingetsu we saw in episode 13.

She did seem a bit more at peace in the closing tag though and looked fantastic with a ponytail!

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What I Liked

I liked the closing tag. I’m a sucker for happy endings no matter how sugary they may be. This one had a bit of bitterness in it as Shingetsu seems more isolated than ever but she also seemed very content with it so maybe it’s all for the best. I do wonder why she kept going to school if no one knows she’s there. It’s not like she’ll be able to get a job in the future. Can she even take exams?

I loved seeing grown up Nene. It’s not like it was a big change but still it’s the sort of thing I enjoy.

What I Liked Less

As always the mecha battle was the low point for me and on top of it, it seems that there was a few shortcuts this time around as the animation wasn’t as smooth as usual and they even resorted to a few still shots.

This said, if you’re going to dedicate your climax and most of your finale to a mecha battle then you got to commit. There’s a point in the battler where Shingetsu is about to give up feeling completely overpowered, Magetsu appears next to her saying “You can do it”, then Shingetsu immediately  goes “Oh cool, I can do it” and completely destroys Suishou. There’s no time at all for the turnaround, no struggle. For me, it pretty much negated the dramatic impact of the scene. Although it was kind of funny.

This isn’t really a negative but tonally this episode was a lot cheesier than Granbelm has been up until now, with loud swelling music and grand declarations. It also really revved up the Magical Girl elements of the show. Like I said, not a bad thing but there wasn’t enough time in this last episode to properly establish them and to me they ended up feeling a bit out of step.

Personally, I would have enjoyed a bit more exposition. I sort of left the series thinking “was that it?”. I think there’s another episode worth of material just to establish certain elements.

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I’m gonna miss that little psycho


Closing Thoughts

To me Granbelm has been a study in balance. It did some things extremely well and others not to my taste at all. Now that it’s all said and done, those two seem to have evened out and left me fairly neutral on the series as a whole. It should be said, I personally didn’t enjoy this last episode (or the previous one for that matter) and that is definitely weighing heavily on my impression. Had the series stopped at the camping episode, I would have considered it much more favourably.

But that’s just me, I’m sure there are fans out there that thought this finally was just pitch perfect and that Granbelm is the show of the season. Every anime has its die hard supporters. In any case, if you have been watching Granbelm, I do hope you enjoyed it.

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Contributed by Irina
from I Drink And Watch Anime!

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Images from: Granbelm. Dir. M Watanabe. Nexus. 2019.

9 thoughts on “Granbelm Episode 13 – The Last True Mage

  1. we later see that Gabriel’s father Michael is a farmer and Esther is a ordinary housewife Gabriel has a uncle who is a merchant named Rico who is friends with a knight named George a bishop named Charles and a nobleman named Thomas we see that Thomas is a sadist he has a masochistic exhibitionist nudist slave named Maya.

  2. I have a brand new anime or manga featuring a 99 year old man named Adam lee he is in a hospital in Tokyo Japan he is dying from cancer he dies from his illness he gets reborn as a newborn baby boy named Gabriel his new parents are Michael and Esther they live in the world of Elysium.

  3. i honestly dont understand the people who swear by this show so much. i think the show was fine overall, but the way it handled “magic” as a concept was nonsense. armanox abilities were effectively arbitrary, and the battles never gave you a sense of who had the advantage and why.

    and the series ends by saying that shingetsu’s wish would eliminate everything that magical power brought into existence, which includes her memories of the battles. and yet, it doesnt restore the people who were erased despite the fact that nene in an earlier episode correlated those disappearances with spikes in magical interference. if the interference was gone, you’d think that the people would come back.

    i feel like this only makes sense if the transfer student at the end truly is mangetsu, and it’s meant to show that shingetsu ultimately chooses not to remove magic from the world. but then, i feel like that would negate her character arc, which is probably a worse ending…

  4. “a few minutes later that didn’t seem to be the case anymore and I’m not entirely sure why”

    That expresses my feelings about the entire episode… It felt dragged out and fillerish, almost as if they were afraid to go all in. Even though they tied up all the threads, most of the knots were sloppy and more than a few were loose. (If that makes any sense.)

    In the end… “not with a bang, but with a whimper” best describes this episode for me.

  5. I was fine with the ending, considering I was fearing a total reset. At one point, when they said that removing magic will undo everything magic ever accomplished, I was fully prepared for a total reset of thousands of years. I mean, imagine removing magic forever, only to find out that it was responsible for the evolution of man and the extinction of the dinosaurs. That’s not exactly in mood for the show, but it might have been worth it.

    As it is, I thought it was pretty good ending, for a pretty good show. It’s not in the top bracket, but it’s in definitely in the second bracket with shows like Demon Girl Next Door and Genome. I don’t really see many open ends, and I choose to think that the transfer student in the last scene is not Mangetsu.

    Also, in season 2, Magic will slowly grow back from Shingetsu’s boredom, and she’ll take Suishou’s role. (All those self-sacrificers tend to underestimate forever.) It’s all cyclic. [I don’t think there’ll be a season 2; I’m just being a cynic about the ending.]

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