Girls’ Last Tour Episodes 2 + 3: Can We Eat That?


Review Episode 2:

I’m just going to start by saying Yuuri should be glad Chito doesn’t carry a gun because given Yuuri tossed her book on the fire… immediately after Chito had explained how important books were… Well, our character count could have dropped from two to one if this were a different kind of story.


Outside of that, the sweetness of the characters continues to carry through very well even as we get a larger look at this world they are in. The levels intrigued me and I’m very curious as to what has happened and why there are no animals and even why these two are travelling alone. There’s no pressing need for these details given the story really is just these two girls getting by each day (escaping the cold, washing clothes, finding drinking water, etc) but this episode kind of makes me hopeful that we will learn little bits about the world as we go and that would be really lovely.


All and all, another nice episode. This one is a little slow paced for me, but I’m still being fairly charmed by the characters so as long as Yuuri doesn’t set any more books on fire I should be right to keep this one on the watch list and enjoy.

Review Episode 3:

They found another person (and it looks like Chito isn’t over Yuuri burning her book yet, good for her). I wondered at first where they were going with this but it actually ended up being a really sweet encounter.


The addition of someone new momentarily gave us a little more information about the world but wasn’t very character revealing as clearly Chito and Yuuri aren’t exactly going to open up to a stranger and share their life stories. Still, it gave us a new voice and ensured that the journey to the next level didn’t take as long as it might have.


Despite being fairly confident they weren’t about to send the entire cast of this show to their deaths after a critical elevator failure, they still managed to add some nice tension in the later parts of this episode. Also, Yuuri actually send something fairly profound at the end lifting the man from depression.


So while we are still don’t know why there are levels and who built them and what happened to the world, the trickle of information continues and the characters continue to make this barren land feel pretty warm. Really enjoying so far despite the fairly slow pace.

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