Girls’ Last Tour Episode 9: Asking the Hard Questions



Girls’ Last Tour continues to probe at why people are the way they are, what our purpose is, and what it even means to be alive. That said, this isn’t the get a simple moral at the end of the episode kind of thing given the themes of this show are intrinsically woven in to every single thing that happens as Chito and Yuuri continue their mostly endless tour.


As I mentioned last week, this show continues to draw on ideas and symbols introduced in earlier episodes to continue building cohesion in the world. So even though destinations are not revisited, the ideas and encounters from those locations are not forgotten and all of this makes the world they are exploring make more sense. They don’t leave one area behind to end up somewhere completely disconnected from the reality we were previously exploring.


Basically, there’s been deep thought put into the construction of this world and narrative but very little clutter as the story delivers thematically complex episodes hidden beneath cute simplicity. It is a really magical combination for a truly relaxing and yet worth while viewing experience.

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8 thoughts on “Girls’ Last Tour Episode 9: Asking the Hard Questions

  1. By far, this episode felt like the most philosophical to date and the one I’ve enjoyed the most as well. Classifying what it means to be alive and what can be living was really interesting and fascinating.

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