Girls’ Last Tour Episode 6: Look! There’s a Person/Plane



The girls encounter another person in this episode, just when they need some help because their vehicle has broken down. Chito tries very hard to repair it but unfortunately she lacks the parts they need and Yuuri’s solution is less than helpful.


And yet, you can’t help but feel that maybe she has a point. This is clearly something the writers wanted the audience to contemplate because hopelessness becomes the theme of a song Yuuri ends up singing throughout odd moments in the episode and we return to this idea of getting along with hopelessness after seeing the end of Ishii’s (the woman they met) story.


But while the episode gives the audience something to consider, this anime hasn’t become about preaching a message. Merely providing food for thought and contemplation as the girls continue their journey to a destination they don’t yet know and probably won’t ever reach. The viewing therefore remains relaxing but thought provoking. While Ishii’s presence this week leant the story a bit more direction as they all worked toward a common goal for a large chunk of the episode the girls themselves continue just to deal with situations as they occur as they take the audience along with their exploration.

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