Girls’ Last Tour Episode 5: Beauty in Simplicity



Normally I would be the first to describe something like Girls’ Last Tour as dull. The plot does not exist other than two girls travelling around seemingly deserted world occasionally looking for food but mostly without any kind of direction. The two characters, while charming, aren’t anything particularly note worthy. Even the setting, post apocalyptic or abandoned world, doesn’t have anything really striking about it. This show should bore me to tears and yet the execution of this show has been so beautifully done that this world has come to life, these characters are truly engaging, and all in all, this has become a completely engrossing watch this season.


I would never have believed that two girls sitting in a room imagining what it would be like to have a bed, a bookcase and a pantry could be that enthralling, but Chito and Yuuri pull it off. There’s something utterly compelling about the blend of optimism and emptiness that comes across in every exchange between the girls. They aren’t wallowing in their circumstances, but they aren’t deluded into thinking everything is just fine. It is a curious mix of harsh reality with an odd contentment that comes from accepting circumstances as they are and it is something I don’t feel I’ve come across before in an anime.


The final segment of this episode had the girls sheltering from the rain and we once again get to see how young they are and how starved for anything resembling play and entertainment. Yuuri notices the sound of the rain on her helmet and soon the girls gather cans and other things to stack under rain drops. At first it is just noise but then they blend that sound seamlessly with the music for the closing credits and to be honest it was fantastic. And yes, I am aware  I just said that watching two young anime characters put tins under rain drops and listen to the sound was fantastic.

Girls’ Last Tour is not to my usual taste, it is slow and sleepy and I’ll probably never rewatch, but I am absolutely loving this viewing experience right now.

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5 thoughts on “Girls’ Last Tour Episode 5: Beauty in Simplicity

  1. I agree with you in that this isn’t a show that I thought I’d find interesting but it really caught me by surprise. The rain music at the end of the episode was beautiful. Seeing the contentment on the girls’ faces made me content lol

    1. I know what you mean. I felt like I could just join them in sitting back, closing my eyes, and listening to the rain. This show is so good at drawing you in to whatever is going on.

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