Girls’ Last Tour Episode 12: Parting At The End of the World



For a final episode of a slice of life/post-apocalyptic anime this episode this episode of Girls’ Last Tour hits all the right notes. First we look back at the journey the girls have taken courtesy of their catalogue of photos that they have taken since receiving the camera. Also, throw in the most overt reveal yet of what happened in the past to get the world to this point.


Add in a dash of danger and a threat so that this final episode feels just that little bit more dramatic than previous ones. This sends Chito into action in a way we haven’t really seen previously from the character who usually freezes in the moment. It was a wonderfully done segment and also gave us a glimpse as to how Yuuri and Chito’s journey started.


Then we get a glimpse of the future and this is probably the weakest part of the episode because even though we’ve had plenty of build up this explanation still felt weak and rushed. I would have liked a little bit more from this part of the episode and yet it was still narratively sound and certainly does what it needs to do as part of rounding out this series.


Finally, we have our feels with the girls reaffirming what we’ve known all along. These two belong together as they perfectly compliment each other’s strengths and weaknesses. There is no doubt that neither girl would be alive without the relationship of trust and understanding that they have. And then they set off continuing their journey upward through the layers even with no knowledge of what they may find or even if there is anything to find.

This show has been beautifully done from start to finish and there is no cause for complaint with this final episode. I look forward to writing my series review for this one.

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8 thoughts on “Girls’ Last Tour Episode 12: Parting At The End of the World

  1. I wish I could see this one. Having read all of your weekly posts for it, as well as a few reviews on other blogs it’s sounds like one heck of an amazing show 😊

    1. It is fantastic and I hope you get the chance to see it. I’m still surprised by how attached I am to this show because while describing it to a friend I realised it really is just a slice of life and yet somehow it never once bored me.

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