Girls’ Last Tour Episode 11: Painting a Grim Picture of the Past



While the whole time we’ve traveled with Chito and Yuuri we’ve been given hints about the society that was once upon a time, this episode is the most blatant yet at suggesting that the old society literally self-destructed through war and weapons. While it isn’t guaranteed that war wiped out most people, the obvious conclusion is that people just found new and better ways to kill each other.


In this we had a really interesting response from both girls with Chito responding with horror to the weapon they uncovered and accidentally fired and Yuuri responding with childlike joy at the destruction (at least until Chito uncharacteristically punched her).

Of course, we had the ongoing mystery of the ‘cat’ where the episode also drew the parallel between it and the statues the girls found earlier which leads the audience to ask some really interesting questions particularly when you note it seems to eat weapons. However, if that isn’t enough cohesion for you, the series also finally addresses the girls’ helmets and why they wear them.

All and all, this series remains a truly interesting watch.

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