Girls’ Last Tour Episode 10: Not Answers But Insight



Girls’ Last Tour continues to avoid the trap of exposition dumps as it doesn’t explain in detail how the world the girls are exploring came to be. Instead, we continue to be immersed in the world, gaining some insights as we go along and being left with many questions to ponder. It helps that neither of the two main characters really know what happened or why things are the way they are, but they haven’t felt the need to cheat by having them read a history book or find someone who simply spells it all out. The narrative has actually been better for the lack of explanations.


This episode is pretty straight forward with the girls catching and riding a train, finding themselves somewhere new, the radio Yuuri has smuggled along coming to life, and then finding what might be a cat (I am hesitant to agree that it is a cat, but okay). Still, this show hasn’t been about what is happening, but more how the girls reflect on life and interact and that remains very well done in this episode with many good moments.


It is amazing how such a seemingly light hearted story can take place in such a bleak setting and how the show manages to remind the audience of the situation the girls are in through subtle reminders such as the nearly empty ration container. These girls aren’t road-tripping for fun. They have to keep moving and looking for supplies in order to survive. Despite the fairly heavy themes, this remains pure joy to watch.

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