Girlish Number Episode 1


Chitose Karasuma wants to be a successful voice actress (or at the very least wants to be popular) and after getting only minor roles suddenly gets offered a main part.


This is one of those oddly self-aware stories that come up from time to time where we critique an idea by showing everything that could possibly be wrong with it. There’s nothing wrong with that as a set up for a show but it has been done. My issue with this is that Karasuma is desperate to be in the industry so while she’s judging the events and characters during the first episode she’s nowhere near as critical or as scathing as she might be if she was content to remain on the outside of this very odd little world of voice acting. That said, it’s certainly interesting and with a firm grounding in reality and a lot of cynicism this show is standing apart from most the others I’m following at the moment. That said, I’ll probably do periodice catch-ups rather than week to week reviews with this one.

Girlish Number is available on AnimeLab.

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