Ghost Hunt Episodes 11 – 13

Two arcs reviewed together this time because they are both pretty short.

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Review: Ghost Story in The Park

This stand alone episode is a refreshing change. We’re outdoors, in the park, and getting soaked by a petty and vindictive spirit who dislikes seeing couples in love. Honestly, it’s a filler episode at best but it does show Mai’s jealousy as Masako uses the opportunity to get closer to Kazuya.

Review: A Silent Christmas

While it only goes over 2 episodes, this arc hits a fair emotional punch. We’re dealing with orphan children at Christmas time and a possession by a child’s spirit. When the spirit possesses Mai things get even more distressing.


  • Lin actually speaks in whole sentences during these episodes.
  • Because the cases are smaller there is more focus on the characters in these episodes.


  • The storylines are pretty uncompelling as there is little mystery in what is going on.
  • Kazuya seems to take a back seat to some of the other characters during these two stories.

I must admit, I regularly skip right past these two stories when I’m rewatching Ghost Hunt. They don’t add a great deal to the series and don’t quite match the tone of some of the other story arcs. That said, if you’re watching the series for the first time, there is some good character development to be found.

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