Ghost Hunt Episodes 1 -3

I’ve recently been rewatching Ghost Hunt and so I’m going to review each of the stories separately. It’s one of those rare anime that I’ve never actually watched the original soundtrack for and have only ever listened to the English dub.

The premise of this anime is that Mai, a ‘normal’ school girl who likes telling ghost stories is hired to work for a Psychic Researcher and then participates in various ghost hunts, each one being an independent narrative arc lasting anywhere from 1 to 4 episodes.

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This arc nicely introduces Mai to Kazuya Shibuya, a 17 year old who dresses in black and runs the Shibuya Psychic Research company. She also meets his assistant Lin and a range of other spiritualists including a monk, a shrine maiden (kind of), a clairvoyant, and a priest (from Australia and I must say that accent is truly dreadful – I wonder how that was distinguished in the original Japanese).

The case in this arc involves an old school building at Mai’s school. A number of accidents have occurred and the Principal wants the building cleansed so it can be demolished. While the mystery in this arc isn’t particularly compelling, it is a nice backdrop to introducing the characters and Mai’s entry into the world of ghost hunting.

Without spoiling the conclusion of this arc, it is difficult to say anything more about what happens. We learn a range of facts about ghosts and poltergeists and are introduced to each of the characters specialties when it comes to dealing with spirits. We also see that they don’t always get it right.

This is a very satisfying introduction to the series.


  • The voice actress for Mai is a fantastic screamer. Very few screams in television are as satisfying as some of Mai’s.
  • Kazuya hates being wrong. He’s so cute when he is angry.
  • The show isn’t going for flash or gimmicky. It’s keeping a steady pace and measured tone but uses the characters and the atmosphere to keep you interested. It’s refreshing for a show to not feel the need to dress itself up and go over the top.


  • Already mentioned it, but John’s Australian accent is horrendous. To the point where I was showing Ghost Hunt to a friend of mine and she actually asked if his character was going to die soon so that we wouldn’t have to listen to it any longer.
  • A lot of narrative convenience, like most mysteries. If you pay attention, you’ll probably solve this case before the characters do because it isn’t that mysterious.

Anyway, you should definitely check out Ghost Hunt at some point. The opening theme is also kind of interesting because it has no lyrics and doesn’t use character images. Instead you just get a simple orchestral piece and a range of visual effects that set a nice, spooky tone. While the opening gets old after a few episodes, it is definitely different from the usual anime fare.

8 thoughts on “Ghost Hunt Episodes 1 -3

  1. I loved this series (apart from the very, very end part when Naru releases his power), and I remember some of the cases giving me chills up my spine (when watched in the dark – hehehe). I always thought it was a shame that the manga didn’t continue after the anime – or at least, I’ve not seen any manga chapters after the last case in the anime.

  2. Are you watching the dubbed version? If there is one… in the manga it’s suppose to be a kansai accent that’s why people laugh at him when John speaks hehe. I love this anime and the manga is even better.

    1. Only ever watched the dubbed version of this – as I said that’s rare for me with anime but I’ve never really felt the need to rewatch this with subs.

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