GeGeGe No Kitaro First Impressions


We’ve officially started the Spring 2018 anime season and I’m taste testing the first episodes of as many anime as I can before committing to my watch list. So what did I think of GeGeGe No Kitaro?


This first episode very much reminded me of the old Addams Family TV show. The cheesy opening theme that somehow gets stuck in your head, the weird creatures and just the general tone all just kind of felt very nostalgic. Of course, this went for a far more action based climax in the end but it did do that usual once they defeat the bad guy everything returns to normal kind of conclusion. I always find that a bit of a cheat in a story given if someone was turned into a tree I somehow doubt defeating the thing that planted the seed would undo that.


That said, this was actually a kind of fun first watch. Nothing to take overly seriously, and so far no overall story of note given this was a strictly set up a monster of the week and introduce the title character affair. There’s a lot of growth potential with this set up but we’ll have to wait and see what it does. Still, I tend to enjoy stories about yokai so I’m probably adding this one to my watch list regardless.

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Karandi James


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28 thoughts on “GeGeGe No Kitaro First Impressions

    1. Yes, they didn’t go for a retro visual look. This looks like a modern anime but feels fairly nostalgic. It was an interesting mix of old and new, much like the story integrating technology with standard yokai fare.

    1. New seasons are the best. You get to try everything for the first time and it is amazing how many anime you end up finding that were never on your radar before the season started that end up being quite decent. Okay, the opposite problem being shows you expect something from may not live up to expectations.

      1. I like how the seasons are close to each other so when you are sad if your Tuesday show is over there might be something else to look forward too.

        1. Normally there seems to be more down time between one season ending and the next beginning, but Spring just seems to be going full steam ahead. No problem with that, but there were shows from last season I was hoping to catch up on before the new season began and that just hasn’t happened.

  1. “Still, I tend to enjoy stories about yokai so I’m probably adding this one to my watch list regardless.”

    Yay! Good to see this one getting picked up by you

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