GeGeGe No Kitaro Episode 9: A Fairly Dry Episode


Corporate life is bad… blah, blah… I was happier before…

This is probably the first week I haven’t had fun watching GeGeGe No Kitaro even though this episode continues to blend traditional yokai stories with the modern world.


This week we get a focus on Kappas and while these guys are usually pretty fun in yokai stories, I found this whole episode and story pretty lacking. Part of this is probably because Rat-Man is back as a focus and he’s probably my least favourite of the reoccurring characters. The bigger issue though is that the blunt message of this episode was pretty underwhelming in the way it was delivered.


When you couple the weak story with a character I don’t much like and then throw in a conclusion that really lacks punch (that fight sequence was perhaps the worst yet for this anime) and the whole thing just ends up less than satisfying. Kitaro himself didn’t really get to do much of anything and Mana was a no show. Cat-Chick was mostly comic relief and the only other character of note was the Sand Witch and again she was pretty underutilised.

While this series remains fairly solid for episodic story telling, episode nine was a miss for me.

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