GeGeGe No Kitaro Episode 8: Haunted Mirrors and Tombstones = Fun


Some more traditional jump scares this week as Mana and classmates are being chased down by something less than nice after knocking over a tombstone while on a field trip. This anime delivers some cheesy classics and delivers them well.


Mana hasn’t shown up really for a few episodes but makes a great appearance this week as the near victim of the week. Who knew chasing around some boys with a broom could lead to being kidnapped by a yokai through a mirror?

Actually, all the cast are great this week though I’m stuck with the usual question I have of protagonists like Kitaro and that is why can’t he just use the attack that ultimately ends the threat first? It seems like there’s nothing stopping him from pulling out the game ending move as his opener and yet apparently he’s happy to end up in life or death situations and running around before finally his father declares it time to end the fight.

As modes of transportation go, this looks kind of fun.

Then again, this is kind of silly all round and probably shouldn’t be taken overly seriously. While there are some good attempts at building a pseudo spooky atmosphere, ultimately this anime aims to entertain and not to thrill and it keeps things fairly tame but amusing.

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