GeGeGe No Kitaro Episode 6: It’s Sad When There’s No Villain


No villainous yokai this week, just a misunderstood kitten and that makes this episode of this anime pretty tragic to watch even if it is a story we’ve all seen before.


The yokai of the week this week is so incredibly cute. It is really hard to see where this story goes because ultimately this isn’t a yokai deliberately causing issues. The issue this week is simply caused because he is a yokai. I was kind of glad that the situation resolved itself without too much direct intervention from Kitaro, but it did make for a pretty tragic tale. Also, the son getting brownie points at the end just kind of made me roll my eyes a little bit.


Still, this episode goes a long way to helping me believe that this anime won’t get too repetitive as they maintain a monster of the week formula. They’ve so far found a variety of ways to play with the standard story line and hopefully that will continue as the series goes on.

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