GeGeGe No Kitaro Episode 4: A More Traditional Walk Through A Forest


Previously, this anime had been mixing new technology with yokai legends. Episode 4 takes us on a far more traditional walk.


GeGeGe no Kitaro has done a pretty good job of bringing yokai into modern Japan with stories using smart phones and idols as major plot points. This episode moves away from that as Mana’s neighbour decides to explore GeGeGe Forest despite fair warning it is a really silly idea. Other than one quip about not knowing a particular yokai because he isn’t on YouTube, this episode pretty much plays it as a straight fairy tale, kid wandering in forest full of monsters kind of story.


The theme song remains addictively good and the cast are pleasant as always. There’s nothing amazing in this episode but for a light hearted yokai story I certainly had fun watching this and the ED is actually growing on me more and more as well. I’m left wondering if they will refer back to this later on or whether this was just an isolated story and about my only complaint is that Mana was in short supply this week.

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