GeGeGe No Kitaro Episode 3: Aww, He Can Make Human Friends Too.


How many morals and messages can one anime episode pack in? GeGeGe No Kitaro episode 3 is working hard to find out that answer.


Episode 3 of this anime maintains the cute and family friendly version of horror with just enough tension to make it interesting without ever actually crossing into disturbing (unless yokai disturb you by default). Still, this episode of GeGeGe no Kitaro felt a little imbalanced as we went from what seemed to be a set-up about technology distracting us from reality, to yokai-human friendship issues, to revenge and genocide motives, before a power of teamwork aspect came in, and then we ended on a theme of mutual respect and acceptance. Basically, pick your message and it is in here somewhere but it kind of lacks impact.


None of that means the episode wasn’t fun enough to watch, but it isn’t going to be particularly memorable as the affect of any particular moment is more or less negated by the next scene and the end result is all very much forgettable other than a general humming along of the theme song. This is shaping up to be light viewing and it is doing what it needs to, but ultimately unless it finds an actual message that it wants to get behind it will be watched and forgotten.

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