GeGeGe No Kitaro Episode 19: Return of the Already Defeated Bad Guys


I’m going to stop weekly coverage of this one, but I’ll probably watch for a bit longer before deciding whether to completely drop this or not. Basically, we finally got back to the ongoing story in this, but it was hidden under the tired trope of defeated bad guys return.


This issue with that trope is simple: we already know how to defeat these bad guys. They weren’t interesting enough the first time to really hold my interest and the second time around just makes them look even sillier given they clearly learned nothing from their last defeat. If we throw in Kitaro’s sunglasses disguise it makes for a wholly unsatisfying plot really.


Though, there was just enough in here indicating that maybe the larger narrative we saw a few times in the first cour was going to get moving again. Just enough that I probably will watch some more, but I’m not going to keep this on my episode review line up for the simple reason that I feel my reviews of this show are getting repetitive.

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